Thank you to all who were able to make it last Sunday. The Gods were on our side, springing sunshine at the end of a cold and rainy week. As we sipped Prosecco, the warmth shone in through the barn door windows in Damien Minton's wonderful converted warehouse.

Bathed in sunlight, the talented singer/songwiter Dave Calandra shared his music. He performed, in particular, a song he wrote about the weather which married perfectly with the atmospheric theme of paintings. The sweetest little waitpersons handed out delectable canapes designed and constructed by the beautiful foodie, Anna Russell.

Damien took the soap box and delivered one of his famous off-the-cuff intros. He remembered days, a few years back, when I would visit his gallery on Great Buckingham Street, chatting about the Sydney art scene and hoping one day to have a show with him.

After an Oporto's carpark audition - Stuart Spence was awarded the task of a 'This Must Be The Place' lyrics recital. He had threatened falsetto and fancy dress but Stuart's sincere and heartfelt reading needed no embellishment.

Surrounded by dear friends and family and arts community - I felt truly blessed. And the light shone in bright multi-coloured streams... At least that's how I remember it. 

For those dear to me who couldn't be there - you were felt in spirit. 
You know you were.