I lost two umbrellas today… and was forced to fork out for a third. Not that an umbrella is much barrier against rain that comes at you horizontally in every direction. It rains and rains and then it buckets down. It’s beautiful when you are cozied up in a funky bar on Hollywood road and very wet when you are not.

From my corner in the Blue Butcher bar, I noticed a little boy who was being dragged along by his mother… the boy was almost floating as she pulled him along with protective purpose. His feet lightly touched down in splashes beside her. She was scowling and angled into the rain, her head filled with strategy. He was smiling. Widely. Euphorically. He had nothing but fun on his mind.

Through the deluge I managed to see a few galleries down in the Sheung Wan area. I visited Hollywood Road and Cat Street – but my favourite street was Tai Ping Shan Street where young designers had small shops filled with handmade garments, loads of vintage furniture shops and little alternative teahouses could be seen in every alley. A florist was teaching children how to arrange flowers and a man walked his eight pomeranians – each with a different coloured bow.

The one really beautiful outcome of Hong Kong in this weather is the amplification of light. There are so many lights in this city and in the rain they reflect and bounce and glow. The boy noticed this.