I am happy to report that my success/rejection ratio for art prizes was higher this year! It is such a buzz to find out that you have been selected as a finalist for a prize and that the rationale that you have cleverly devised as a consolation in case of rejection will not be needed after all.

Having said that, I do realise that selection is dependent entirely on the taste of the judges and often there are only a few spots left for emerging artists once the big names have shuffled into position... as such there is a great degree of luck involved in selection.

A small but fiesty painting, Had I the Heavens, was selected as a finalist in the Calleen Prize in Cowra. My family and I drove out there for the weekend and stayed on a farm and fell in love with the place. The painting has now travelled off to its new home in Cullenagh, Laois in Ireland. Would like to follow...

The Hazards of Love, went off to Albany on the far south west corner of this great land. It has been a long time since I have explored the streets of Albany and I would cherish the opportunity again. My painting was purchased and will stay there so perhaps I will get to visit it one day. The exhibition has been a great success with over 4000 visitors expected through. It runs until October 29 at The Albany Town Hall.

Marin, was selected as a finalist in the Paddington Art Prize where it was hung in very good company at Mary Place. It is a painting about a very special little angel who's light can be seen across the ocean. Tim Johnson took out the main award for 2013 with beautiful and whimsical work called Faraway.

I also had two little works selected for the Northbridge Art Prize - so all in all a bit of good fortune has blown my way this year.

Now I have to put my head down and focus on getting myself ready for upcoming exhibitions at Charles Hewitt Gallery and Gaffa - the year is not out yet