I will never grow tired of the transformative process of ‘The Hang’. Moving paintings from the studio and into the gallery – where they take on new life, new light and new perspective is unsettling and thrilling in the way that all new experiences are.

When I delivered the paintings, Damien and I laid them out and we talked about the general feeling of the works and how they related to each other but we did not discuss the hang… and in fact I hadn’t really thought about it. In the studio I had often situated the individual works in a particular relationship to each other and adjusted their positions along with their development… moves dictated by colour or subject or mood. It was therefore, a curious (and happy) moment to walk into the gallery on opening night and see how Damien had interpreted the relationships between the paintings and how he hung the show. 

The show was a wonderful success – not least due to the energy of the other three painters in the room. It really was very fine to show with Emma De Clario, Emma Walker and Becky Gibson – all such strong and sensitive and energetic painters. It sounds like a contradiction to put those three traits together but I am sure they would know what I mean.

Opening night was a blast – thanks so much to Damien, and my fellow artists, and my wonderful art loving friends who came along. Our little post show celebration at The Eathouse Diner was pretty spesh too.